3 Ways To Stop The Hacker



I've just posted on someone's post on ways to stop the hacker. But today, I will tell you 3 ways to stop the hacker.

  1. If you were doing a collaboration. (Which I don't highly recommend unless you have a team Hopscotch account, [SHARE IT WITH ONLY YOUR BEST, MOST TRUSTED FRIENDS!] where you can do it without worrying that "Sir Hackalot" has arrived.) Like people have said, (KiwiCute2015) people can STILL (Which is annoying.) see it. Namely Mr Hacker.

  2. Your trusted 'friend' is the one and only hacker. Trust me and hope for the best that there is only a one in a MILLION chance that that was the truth. (That was a lot of thats.) Still investigate them though. Better safe than sorry.

  3. The one you would least expect, or the one you would expect. It could be a guy that changes accounts every 1 week. It could be a person that has random letters and numbers in their name. It could be the person that has no projects. It could be a popular Hopscotcher. It's just a start!

I hope this helps moderators and Hopscotchers! (And maybe hacker. PLEASE NO.)


I did a similar topic to this, but some points are different, which is good.