3 things that needs to be in Hopscotch!

This also includes advantages and disadvantages, just saying so you won’t brag about what happens if it’s there.

pls don’t split this topic :frowning:

3 things that needs to be in Hopscotch!

Sometimes, many people (including me) wanted some features to be in Hopscotch, but nothing came so I made this topic!

Custom Sounds MUST be added

Yes, everyone needs this.
(I know that its at the road map pls)

Custom Sounds can add maybe songs and sound effects to your game!
I have been wishing this when I knew how to use the “Sound” block.

Giving life and making music for your project

It might not be added and only be in subscriptions and also maybe somebody will make sounds that might not be suitable for kids (Example: Adding sounds for 18+ content :nauseated_face:)
Even though the report button will work, hopscotch would have to fill on thousands and thousands of reports.

Make the Beta Editor free

I even said that
Making the beta editor atleast free will make some blocks visible for the free version, which can lead to advanced and awesome projects!

Making some experimental blocks easy to find and can make good projects for everyone

It will remove the fact that hopscotch is making :yen: D:
Adding this feature will make Hopscotch lose tons of money, i learned that…

The Random Chance Block

This is from my last topic
It lets you find by choice using chance (like 20% chance of var), and that’s it.

It can remove the fact that hopscotch random blocks ONLY choose the highest number, but rarely the lowest.

Adding this will maybe be the end of random blocks, let’s just say it.
It might not be added because you can already do that :frowning:

Thank you for reading to the end (or you just scroll down to just see the posts), I hope you enjoyed this topic!

Which did you believe must be added?

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Custom sounds would be great… it may lead to your project getting filtered for longer, but you gotta be willing to take the risk…


Yes, thats why i added disadvantage to it.

stop for a second. search up “suggestions for hopscotch” or click on that “ideas_for_hopscotch” blue thing under the title.

this has been reported before.
hopscotch does know that they need to add some stuff
hopscotch is also a small team

i’d really like to see you try and implement this in under a month. also, i would like you to maintain the forum, respond to emails, create designs, work for the youtube channel, think of ideas, and also consider ideas. oh, and don’t forget to earn enough money to pay salaries.

it’s just not enough. maybe in the future, sorry.
good ideas though.


Wow, thats a lot of words.

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i off on him for good reason.
aren’t you annoyed when the whole community tells you to sbyp?
well i just said four letter in four paragraphs.


I second this

Yes, these are all amazing things, and yes, we’ve all wanted them for a long time
But think about hs’s POV
They need money, they can’t just remove the beta editor- they’ve already done that for tutorials
Customs sounds would probs be hard to implement, plus there”s the whole filter thing
Random chance is pretty much already a thing anyways.


Oh nevermind

Read that wrong

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I know it is. I read it fully. But still, those disadvantages are HUGE compared to the small pros we’d get if we got these.
Someone I know once told me “An ant might only see the one paint drop that’s wrong. But an elephant would see the huge painting, the beautiful painting, and see how good it is. Be the elephant. Not the ant.”
See the big picture- the picture as THT sees it.
You’ve got to see how good hopscotch is, instead of focusing on what needs to be better. If you always do that, you’ll never enjoy it.



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I know this can sound harsh, but it’s not meant that way in any way.


Really i didnt knew that and also…

I always get destroyed by the community ;-;
This tears my entire :heart: apart


We’re not trying to destroy you-we’re trying to help you learn and grow and say, “Okay, maybe this isn’t the best, but I can learn from it and find better things to work on”

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seconded and approved
that’s correct. look at all the awesome projects made by the community! ask @CreationsOfaNoob or @Spy_Guy_96 how they make their games!

i bet that they’ve made concepts that you’ve never even thought of. all possible due to hopscotch

totally not sponsored


We aren’t necessarily against you at all. Everyone is just stating their opinion on the topic


Second your second haha

I totally don’t believe you but just for that I’m increasing your friendship points


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These statements are right

To bring us to a slightly more positive note, @RonAstern123, pick a game you think is amazing. Favorite game. And look through the code for a day. Then try to build with it. See what you can do in hopscotch without the features we don’t have yet-then come back to this and evaluate it. “Is this nessecary for good games? Could I alter these to make them easier to make and better for THT without losing community appeal?”