3 new badges for consecutive days visited. 10, 100, 365! Enthusiast, Aficionado, Devotee



These badges were just added recently. And they are granted by visiting the forum for consecutive days. Granted at 10, 100, and 365 days.
So that’s cool! :slight_smile:


Now I guess I have to be on for the new year straight to get this badge!
Congrats to everyone who already has it!

Please vote on the poll below! :slight_smile:

Any criticism for EmojiTapper?

I have the 100 day one.


What is your highest badge?

  • 10 - Enthusiast
  • 100 - Aficionado
  • 365 - devotee

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That’s so cool! :000 thx for letting me know!


I thought I would’ve already had that lol. That makes since how I’m getting it today tho.


Hi, I have visited for 111 days, but I only have the badge for ten days! Thanks, and how can I get it


haha this is so relevant to the discussion


thanks for showing us! ;D


I joined earlier than you too, and I don’t have it XD


I just got aficionado XD


You have to be on 100 straight days.


Like a man said, it have to be 100 days straight.


whelp, I’m on a lot, buttt yeah I’m not getting it XD


This is really cool! I got “Aficionado” and “Devotee”.


Devotee- something I won’t get for quite a lot time XD


Wow!!! I don’t think I will get to 365!


What do you mean 100 straight days?


Like 100 days in a row i think


You come on the forum for 100 days in a row, without skipping a day


Ok, thanks! I don’t know when that is then