:3 Goodnight! Bye!


Goodnight! See you tomorrow!


Um...making a topic saying goodnight isn't really Hopscotch related. Do you think you could find a way to relate this to Hopscotch?


Well, I guess it's related, as they won't be on the forum or Hopscotch, but it's a bit small to be a topic.


You should post stuff like this in the Talk to a Hopscotcher topic, or maybe turn this into your general topic.


Hmm, maybe post this in my say bye temporary here to Hopscotchers?


It's 2:05 pm in my placeā€¦
I do live across the world!:wink:


Ok....sorry I will try and do that next time


Sorry @Huggingfluffybear I didnt know...


I gave you nice post!

I didn't like it though. As I am out of likes.


Thats not very kind. Please be nice to other hopscotchers.


Well... I will take this advantage: )

Good night!!


Lol good night @Murphy1!