:3 for a Better Hopscotch



I look around and I see a bunch of negative projects, sadness from people's real life. I think that if you want people to feel happy, you need to make them laugh. I want everyone to make a project with a funny joke or positive note on it dedicated to the hopscotcher in destress. Who's with me?


I think that people should feel good when coding on Hopscotch, they should be able to enjoy themselves. :smile: If everyone helps each other nobody will have to be blue. Nice topic! :smiley:


Actually I only sorta agree. I mean if they're sad, and you give happiness, it's like spicy food and water. It doesn't have much of a noticeable affect. Much better to use milk/help someone.


Yeah! :3


So kawaii


Kawaii-ness has got me :0

I am forever a :3


Actually, water just makes it worse.

Milk helps.

I has to :3


I was gonna say dat X3


Yeah, my point exactly.


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I am a :3
my fav emoticon :3


I have seen this stuff stop!

There's not really a point of making this topic about negativity when there hasn't been much negativity latley.:wink: