3-Bug Umbrella Topic

Here is 2 bugs i found:

(I cant make a topic about this so here)


1. Wrong Z index on “See code” (remember its broken)

Type: Minor
(Alt: See code image is in the back and the text is in the front)

What I think is going on:

z index of "see code" = 1
z index of text = 2

2. Misplaced Loading Screen

Type: Unknown Bug
(Alt: Loading screen is a bit misplaced so you can see a little bit of the ui at the left)

What I think is going on:

Pos = [ 2, Height ]

Bonus: Infinite Projects Bug

Type: Rare / Legendary / Unknown Bug
(Alt: Projects tab)

What I think is going on:
I cant think why this is happening!

Wow this is super long


If you’d like to give more info on each bug, I can copy the form template THT gives you when you start a Bugs topic?


#1 reminds me of the last time when the editor was completely overhauled

#2 is not a bug, that’s intentional.

I don’t know what you mean with #3, could we get a more detailed description and/or how to replicate it?


Hi! Thanks for the bug reports, I’m sure THT will find them useful. Could you maybe explain a little bit more about what the “Infinite projects” bug is about? It will help both the community and THT to help you.
Like @Awesome_E already said, the arrow visible on the second image is intentional, so you can get back to the main app UI in case you want to while the projects still loads.

Also, it would be great if you can fill out this template for each bug:

It’s the template that @Serenity was talking about.


I got infinite projects by accident :/
I did’nt got the free trial before!

Are you using an old account? That could be the reason for infinite project limit.

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My profile was from 2019!

Maybe, and this is just a theory, the 15 project limit somehow got removed when not intended to. Usually this is done on purpose, but not in this case. I have an account from 2015, so I cannot replicate this.

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Idk what does this topic mean bc its named “umbrella topic” :/

Welcome to bump world

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