3 Beta Glitches



Hi Guys! I Got Beta Tonight And I Already Saw Some Glitches. Wana See Them? Well, Here They Are!

Glitch 1

The "Custom Block" Glich

You Might Be Wondering... Abilities Are Just Custom Blocks! You're Right! But Not In The New Beta. Once You Place One In The Code, The Game Crashes! This Is A Very Bad One That Needs To Be Fixed.

Glitch 2

The "Not Full Priveiw" Glitch

Okay... You Get A Priveiw Of A Project Like A Picture Of It Before You Play It. Not In Beta! It Only Shows A Few Of It.


Last Glitch.

The "Go Home" Glich

So... You Can Go Back To The Main Menu In A Project With A Handy :house: Button... Kind Of In Beta. If Your Playing The Actual Project, You Cannot Go Back To The Main Menu. Only In The Editor.

And That's It! Feel Free To Add More Glitches In The Comments!


Getting Pushed Down! Gotta Make It Go Up.


Is this on the phone? If so, there's an awesome topic called Help us test the new iPhone app! where you can post your bugs.


Yas! Mah project! :3
@Kiwicute2016 I think so, because 700 likes was long ago, and the phone is pushed back


What? No! The IPhone Version Is More Awesome Than This!


This is on the ipad?


Yes!? I Said Its Not The IPhone!


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Wait For The Email! Maybe It'll Come Tommorow!



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Only capitalize the first letter of a sentence, first letter of a proper pronoun (name, company, ect.), and the first letter of titles (what you did is fine).


I Like To Do That! Other Hopscotchers Use Their Own Way Of Grammar! For Example: hai wats up