3.37.3/3.37.4 Official Topic

Edit: Version 3.37.4 with a bug fix for old projects images/text not showing in the editor is now out

New release out, most of the changes are in the beta editor. Please report bugs so we can work on getting them out to everyone soon!

Here are the release notes:

A small bugfix: your deleted images were still invisibly adding to the file size of your projects. Now deleting a drawing will get rid of it for real.

If you haven’t tried the beta editor yet, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now to see the latest and greatest features and participate in shaping the future of Hopscotch.

New features in the beta editor make the visuals oh so nice and shiny.

  • Your characters can be any size you want! Pinch to resize then press play to see them in all their glory.
  • If you were getting confused about which scene was which, you’ll be pleased about this new feature. Scenes now have screenshots so you can tell easily them apart.
  • Programmatically place your objects right next to each other using the origin blocks. Now you can find the bottom left corner of any object, in addition to getting its center.

For everyone else, sit tight. Once the beta features have been thoroughly vetted we’ll release them to the rest of you!



Ooh sounds cool


Ooh this sounds sic!! Can’t wait to try it

Thanks for all these cool new things!


Just tested it out.
It’s really amazing!
There was this one thing tho, where in old beta editor projects, you could change the size of a block in the editor but in the place it wouldn’t change. This is fixed in new projects created with the beta editor tho, and everything works normally.

The origin thing is also really sic, except theres a problem with set Center and Set Position.

Look inside the “Go to center” block code. That has a set pos block in it. Except when you look at the block list, set pos isn’t there.
Has this been replaced with set center or something?

IF Set Pos has been replaced with a Set Center, here are my thoughts. Otherwise, if it's a bug, ignore this lil paragraph If set center is a replacement for set pos, I really don't like it. Set center is kinda confusing and without having used it, it's hard to know exactly what it's supposed to do. It's like whether the image's center will be changed or whatever but then it turns to to be setting the position. I'd keep it as set pos. But if y'all wanted to keep the set center (which would be a sic addition too), do it as a different block and leave the Set Position block as it was.

@Ana @Awesomeonion (cuz it’s kinda a bug report thingi without a topic?)

Edit: I’ve messed around a bit and Set Center has seemed to replace Set Position ://. I’m regretting getting the beta now because I absolutely h8 this. It’s way to confusing than it needs to be and set pos was perfectly fine. Seems like an overcomplicated fix of a problem that never even existed


Is this out now?


I agree with this

CP7 I’m pretty sure you can update now


Yep but only in the beta editor for subscribers


It seems to be really buggy, here are a list of bugs.

  1. Text doesn’t appear in editor
  2. Nobody can see my projects I made after the update?

These are major bugs I’ve found so far.


I cant seem to see any of your new projects. Probably just filtered…

As for text, it was working for me but ill test again


Yeah text works


No, it’s not filtered. Someone remixed a project I made after I got the update and @WGaming71 liked one of my projects.


There’s a bug where text and images don’t appear in the editor for projects made before the new update. We’re submitting a fix!


Hopscotch for Android = lots more users = more subscribers = more success

I’d still wait for a bug fix, and I’m probably not gonna update


And the resizing doesn’t work correctly on those either .


And it has nothing to do with webplayer version either


= samsung smart fridge projects = very epic

That’d be pretty cool.


Yes, that’s a function of the different versions of the player being incompatible with versions of the editor.

We’re planning to add a way for you to upgrade a project to the latest version of the player if you want to. The nice thing about versioning is that we don’t have to worry about breaking old projects. The bad thing is that old projects don’t automatically get new features!


Sounds amazing! Will update to this directly. I must admit that I agree with @FearlessPhoenix though on the new naming of the “set position”-block.


Lol I love the new editor:


That´s very weird… does it go away if you back to the profile view and in the project again or close + open the app again?