2nd place for the Olympics


Congrats to Canada!

This is where you will receive your prizes and you will give your requests for like pixel art or trail art etc.

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Pixel art or drawing from @SmilingSnowflakes
Pixel art from @Intellection74
Pixel art from perfect panda (maybe)
Website template from @MR.GAM3R
Midihack from @BuildASnowman

People giving out prizes, you cans give them their prize on here. Please make sure to give the prize

Hopscotch names:
Dreamer girl​:purple_heart:
Melodious parrot


Thank you @Ella_13 for making this a very straight forward and fun challenge! I really liked competing in it, and it was very enjoyable! Thank you! And all the best!


What r u called on HS?


Me? If so, DreamerGirl​:purple_heart:


I need all of Canada's HS names!


Mines the same: MelodiousParrot
Btw I don't want wanna request any pixel or trail arts or anything


Lol, I am already following u
Edit: re-follow!



What is ur hopscotch name?


find me on featured


Congrats guys on coming second!:balloon::tada::balloon::tada::balloon:


Thanks, we all did really well


Good night already


Wait... Today I had a cricket gala day and we were 5 runs away from regional (this is my first time playing cricket)


Yes, I play cricket too!


I don't, do u like it?


For reals, good night


Yessssssss, it's fun. I wish there were more girls who played though.
Good night!


The girls in our school won!


This HF is so distracting!


I think we should GBOT!