2d models of chest etc



I know this isnt in hopscotch amd all but it might appear in a game at some point of mine... anyway i made a model for a chest and im working on some more! Do you like?

They are free to use i made them in a app called dottable


Yeah, they look like they could belong in one of those adventure games!


The ones with colors in different shades look better than the ones are a bit random. They would definitely look good in a game.
Ps. This is my 500th post!


Those are awesome! I love the different color color combinations. These images would be so cool in a diving type game or maybe a pirate game! :ferry: You could also make a clone pixel art. It may be a little laggy for the clone pixel art to be included in a game as a character, because it would use 182 clones. Not sure, though. :thinking:

Outstanding art @Bomb_sauce!!


Idk this ended out wierd.... anyway here is a sword


Yeah i started trying diffrent color patterns... some didnt turn out to good
The second one is colorful but all the colors compliment each other nicely


What if hopscotch was pixels!!!!


Cool! I occasionally use Dottable, too.


It looked best for just what i was doing testing out color schemes blah blah blah all that :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like the last one!


Awesome! Kinda remind me of Terraria. That be an awesome game.


This chests looks really cool! I like the shading. I like the orange and the grey chests most.
Amazing job!