#20YearsOfMagic Competition!



It’s time for the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter! This Competition ends on the 1st of August. You need to make a animation or RPG from a Scene in the philophisers stone! Remember to publish it on hopscotch and name it #20YearsOfMagic! Or put a link on this topic. Good Luck!


This is cool! I might enter, but I am quite busy at the moment.


Ok But PleaseEnter if you get the chance!


Here Is The Link To The Project

Also I changed me name to Hoped Pika 63


Great! I might enter!


That’s Great! I have got one problem and I wonder if you could help me. How do you change your username on the forum? Thanks!


You can’t change your username on the forum unless any moderator can do it.


I don’t think you can


Thanks! Have you guys read the Books of Harry Potter?


Ya! I finished the series, I liked it! How about you?


Read all of them! I started in April!