2048 if you're @t1 pls read



Okay @t1_hopscotch please read. I want you to explain the code to 2048 if you have time.
BTW I saw where you explained the logic though now I'd like you to translate some of your logic into code
PS: You're one of my favourite hopscotchers of all time! just tap my username


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Check the code behind it and see if you learn anything.


I agree with @GiraffeProductions! Also, @t1_hopscotch is coming! She might be in another time zone! :wink:


I will (20200202020200202020200)


I did and I didn't get it and what the values meant (Iknow about them though just there were heaps! ). It made my brain crash and they iPad freeze (when I was opening the abilitys). The reason I made this is so he displays the code then says what the code does and how it works


Take some screenshots and add the as a new commet or edit a comment and I could explain it.


What do those values mean?


It telling it to move. Some of the ablities tell it to move up and down others tell it to move side to side. The black circle does most of the moving that screenshot of the rule helps with the moving.


Hi @Stampys_fans thank you first of all, and thank you to @GiraffeProductions for helping too. I'm really happy to see you're curious – curiosity is a big part of learning :smile:

Yeah there are a lot of values and some of them I didn't use anymore but I couldn't delete them. I'm guessing you've seen this post already:

I did put some of it into written code that you can translate into code blocks in Hopscotch.

In the screenshot you shared, that code is for swiping up in the column with the tiles named D H L P as the name of the ability shows. The values "D", "H", "L" and "P" display those tiles. The value named "highC" is for the sound that plays when you've made a move. And the value "P_Y" controls the square at the P tile and it's what makes the tile look like it's moving whenever you swipe the screen.

As for what the code does, the Check Once Ifs check to see if D, H and L (the three tiles at the top of the fourth column) are equal to 0 – they have no numbers. And then if P has a number, then it will move to the position of D when you swipe the screen up.

I'm really sorry that my explanation isn't very clear but feel free to ask for more clarification and I'll try to make it as clear as I can


I THINK I kind of get it


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