[2021] Apply to be a Hopscotch forum leader!

Hey Hopscotchers,

Hope all of you are enjoying your summer right now (and for the people on the other side of the earth, hope you’re enjoying winter!).

We are excited to announce that we are accepting applications for Hopscotch forum leaders! Forum leaders perform a number of responsibilities that help us to maintain a safe and moderated community for Hopscotchers to learn and share the fun of coding. This time, we are hoping to recruit 2 new leaders for the Hopscotch forum.

If you are interested, keep reading!

:dart:Here are some of the responsibilities of a forum leader

  • Moderate conversations on the forum on a regular basis
  • Attend bi-monthly leader meetings with the Hopscotch Team
  • Help plan, organize, and/or judge Hopscotch competitions on the forum
  • For new leaders, attend and complete Hopscotch Leader Training sessions


  • You must be 13 years or older to become a forum leader (no exceptions!)
  • You should have used the Hopscotch app and been a member of the Hopscotch forum for at least one year
  • You are expected to check the forum regularly for at least 5 days/week and spend 1-2 hours/day monitoring forum activities

:woman_technologist:Application Process

  1. Filling out the application form: https://forms.gle/jgMfXPJUJk115KF47
  2. Selected candidates will be contacted for the first round of interviews (video call)
  3. The finalists will be invited to another interview (video call)
  4. We will notify you of our decisions via email


The deadline to submit your application is Friday July 16, 2021 at 9 AM EST 2021-07-16T13:00:00Z.

:raising_hand_woman:Frequently Asked Questions:raising_hand_man:

I will turn 13 in September, can I still apply?
Currently, you have to be 13 or older as of July 16, 2021, for your forum leader application to be considered. The reason for this strict age limit is that we would like our forum leaders to be older, and we usually have fewer parental consent issues with older users. We will have other opportunities in the future, so hang around if you can’t make it yet.

Does the interview have to be a video call?
Yes, the interview would have to be a video call because we first need to verify that you’re a real person! In addition, we can learn much more about you via a real-time conversation. And you will need to participate in video calls once you become a leader, so this is a good opportunity to get a taste of how it feels like.

I’m not comfortable with showing my face, can I turn my camera off during the interview (or the leader meetings in the future)?
Yes, you may turn off your camera. However, we strongly encourage you to fully participate in the video calls if you have the option to.

I am an active member of the forum, and I never get into trouble. The only problem is that I just joined the forum and cannot meet the one-year requirement, would I still be considered?
Unfortunately, this is another strict rule we have. The reason behind this is that the leaders would need to be convincing for the rest of the community. If you haven’t been on the forum for long enough, your authority will more likely be challenged by other members of the community. Also, being on the forum for a year will give us data on how you have behaved and make a more reasonable decision on if you can transition into the role of a forum leader successfully.

There are people who made their account years ago but barely even use it. It’s unfair!
No worries, we have a way to check the days you’re active on the forum, so we will know and we will factor this in when we make our decisions.

I am not super good at Hopscotch, do I still have a chance at being a forum leader?
Yes! Being a forum leader is less about your ability to code, but more about your ability to moderate the community.

I will be away in summer during the training period, what should I do?
We will have to discuss this on a case-to-case basis. Indicate this on the application form or send us an email so that we can discuss that during our final round of interviews if you’re selected.

Can I discuss my answers to the application questions?
We recommend that you do not discuss the application questions (though it is not prohibited) because generally, it will only increase your anxiety over the application process to compare yourself to your fellow Hopscotchers. If people get upset/uncomfortable about it, we might have to put a stop to the discussion and give people involved warnings, so be careful around these topics!

My parents are not really okay with me being a forum leader. Can you talk to my parents about it?
If you are selected as a forum leader, the Hopscotch Team can certainly contact your parents to help them understand what this role entails and explain any concerns they may have.

:bulb:If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at hello@gethopscotch.com.


Cool. I would do this but I don’t think I’m responsible enough yet.


I’m so excited about welcoming more people on our team - good luck with the applications everybody!


I feel you, bro.

I’m over 20 years old, and I, myself, have a lot of responsibilities, IRL. I am mostly responsible on the forum as I try not to get in trouble in any way shape or form, and I already check in on a regular basis (no pun intended) 7 days a week. A few friends of mine say I would be perfect for leader, but I have my reasons otherwise.


Idk about this… I don’t really think that I am a good leader yet so I won’t apply

But congrats to those who get the job

When I feel I am mature enough to take on a powerful role like this then I’ll do it but I would feel guilty doing it atm


This sounds cool, but I’m currently under thirteen and don’t know if I’ve reached a level of maturity for this responsibility yet.
But, I do wish the best of luck to those who are applying! I’m sure that whoever is chosen is right for the job.


@Yuanyuan have one question (I already submitted it) in the faq it says the 1 year rule about them being new but I’m not new and will hit my anniversary in November but almost everyone on here knows me and I’ve even got 40 members in my tag list that respect me in some way, but would my application still be invalid?


@Awesome_E please do this


Cool, I don’t want to do this though.
I don’t like showing my face to people I don’t know.


You also haven’t been here for a year so you had no choice


I think awesome-e is already a mod though. But that would be epic.


I might apply, I don’t know yet. I probably need to spend a little bit more time on the forums but I have been busy. Can’t wait to see who becomes the next leaders!


looking forward to working with those who are applying! a pro tip: be yourself, there’s only one leader like you :sparkles:


super exciting yall! cant wait to see who’s selected :))

seconding this pro tip haha, just be yourself. good luck on the applications to whoever does decide to apply. answer honestly, take some time to introspect, and just be the best you you can be.


Cool! Excited to see more leaders! I would love to be an leader but

I an not so responsible

I am not 13 or older

Btw @FearlessPhoenix why don’t u be a leader again? You will do awesome!


They probably resigned for a reason


They, not he.


Oh okay than


good luck to whom apply!


thank you haha.

i might, we shall see.