2018 Poll: Do You Still Use Hopscotch?


Have you used Hopscotch in the last week?

  • Yes
  • No

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If not, what do you use the forum for? Keeping up with friends, helping people with code? Reply down below, I’m curious.

Explanation for this Poll

I think one of the reasons why the forum has little content actually having to do with Hopscotch is just simply because no one really uses the app anymore. If we all get the app again, maybe things will change. :woman_shrugging:t2: People talk about how HS is dead, but that’s because we all left it.
So I challenge you, because you’ve already read all this, to make whatever you want on Hopscotch, it can literally just be a trail art dot, or a text that moves forward 100, and share it here.
Why am I doing this, you ask?
I basically grew up with some of you on the app. I started almost five years ago and I’m still here with some of the same people that were also there five years ago and it did not feel like a long time, to be honest. I’ve grown apart from the app but it would hurt and make me so guilty to see it fall apart* and then do nothing about it.
So, are you in?

*based on what I’ve heard from numerous people


I used to be on HS. I only got on here because I missed HS


I work on hopscotch with my school iPad so I can’t go on the app during the summer. I can still use the forum on my phone, though.


You can download HS on your phone too!


If it’s an iPhone…


oh true haha I didn’t think of that
I just made my first project in 52 weeks!


I am on Hopscotch every day. And that won´t change :smile:


HS has given me some of my best digital media experience and I’d totally go back if I could

but I don’t have access to a tablet anymore and I don’t have data on my phone

rip Serenity 2017


Hopscotch inspired me to code. I wont leave it.


I wanted to put something like kind of. I still go on it semi regularly but i dont publish or code at all, mainly just look at projects and stuff :confused:


I only got like 16 likes in 5 hours which is pretty bad :frowning:
But then I checked trending and my project was 4th on it
The number of likes has definitely decreased


Yeah, but it was a demo in an Apple store, so does that count…?


Without school (and a teacher’s push to coding), I don’t think many people will be active on HS in the summer. You should probably post this poll seasonally (and post it on my topic, Hopscotch Research Center, to help Hopscotchers learn more about this app).


That’s not bad at all. I still struggle sometimes to get 16 likes in like 5 days.


Haha before, 16 likes could be gained in five minutes and in less than a minute for a famous HSer like MagmaPOP or COAN but I guess not now :frowning:

It was kinda sad to see. The projects on featured barely have any likes.

Before my projects that didn’t even make trending got 50-300 likes on average if you scroll down my profile.

But I see that now 15 likes is a lot, it’ll take time to adjust to, for sure! :joy:
Thanks for telling me


Who’s getting hs back?
Please do that


Join the app again and code


That is bc they feature 12 projects a week.




yeah before they barely featured any so the quality was much better and they got way more likes
But “likes don’t matter” so who am I to complain :joy: