2017 Christmas Contest winners



Alright, so I know you guys have been waiting for a month for these results. I’m sorry… It has been a very busy schedule for me lately (with school and all…)

Well, I will stop this chit-chat and share the results that you guys have been waiting for.

1st place…

@MR.GAM3R! You did amazing! You captured the Christmas spirit in a fun and challenging game! Some ways you can improve include, giving the user an indication that the piece is in the right place, the letters having a nice shade, and a fancier layout. Good job.

2nd place…

@sophia71205 You had a very nice layout and captured the message of Christmas. Some things I suggest are more interactivity and a more animated design.

3rd place…

@IShallNotBeNamed You did beautifully with all your code. I am impressed. The main problem is that you captured the spirit of winter, not Christmas. Also, I would really enjoy if you added some interactivity to the scene. You did an amazing job!

4th place…

@HopscotchRemixer Your Christmas tree pixel art is a really nice project. You did a good job capturing a part of Christmas. A few problems I had included how the pixel art was made with circles, squares give out the fact the it is in fact pixel art. I really liked your project

I gave you this review based off my honest opinion of your project. I based it on nothing else.

5th place

@William04GamerA I liked the trail art, but the whole project just seemed so simple. I know you can do much better…

6th place

@PartTimeFemale there really isn’t much to say about this project. You didn’t capture much of the spirit of Christmas and the project was very very simple

So, yeah…

Alright, that’s it… @hopscotch-curators So… You have probably featured most of these already…

The Hopscotch Contest Wall of Fame

Welp as expected i got last


I think I deserved worse, and besides that I would like to congratulate @MR.GAM3R


Not to criticize your judging but there is one project that I think deserved better and one that deserved worse, I don’t mean to criticize your judging, just my personal opinion


1.The pixel art isn’t made of circles, it is made of rounded squares
2.Sometimes the point is for it to look like pixel art, it is still hard to make it realistic even if it is smooth


Thanks for choosing my project, @Yusamac205, I’m glad you liked it! And congratulations to all of the other winners!

Thank you @HopscotchRemixer. You did well too!


Your welcome, I think you deserved it. I mean you made a game, not art


Congrats to everyone! You all did a great job! The Christmas Puzzle will be featured tomorrow! :smile::+1:


Awesome jobs @MR.GAM3R, @PartTimeFemale, @IShallNotBeNamed, @HopscotchRemixer, @sophia71205 and @William04GamerA!! :D


Good job everyone! You guys did well.


Oh wow, how did I place that high?

@MR.GAM3R once again wins a competition :stuck_out_tongue: good job


I’m at least happy I got my project on featured:D


LOL!! I knew you would be online at this time!


Thanks for 5th place! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @lollypopcorn!


You’re welcome!! ;DD


Wait @Jordan what is your hs username? I feel like a noob…


LongDrop :smiley: that’s it


Oh ok. Rn I’m just filling the 20 character thingy