2017-2018 New Years Hopscotch Amazing Games!


Hello guys! This is OriginalCherry! (Also, this is not official or anything- there might be another topic doing this too. I just wanted to do one!) I wanted to start doing the 2017 best projects! If people come they can request projects they think were outstanding made in 2017. The projects can only be made this year and if you don’t know when they are made just try to guess accurately. Everybody at minimum can recomend three projects but can say if they’d like another persons project they recommended. Can you self nominate a project you did yourself? Yes, but only do one of these if you want too do a self nominating. The best projects will probably be in this text thing which will be edited on or near New Years and it will have ten projects. There will be no order to the projects we pick, it will just be top ten. How do we decide? I might do polls to know what everyone is thinking or just look at the amount of likes or replies saying ones a good idea. The deadline is on (obviously) New Years. I might be forgetting something in this topic but if I am just reply to it asking a question and I will edit it. So that is it! Start nominating some projects and have fun with this topic.
PS (I don’t want to make this a popularity contest BTW I just thought it would be fun.)


Hi @OriginalCherry! I see you are doing a contest! Would you like to place an ad in the Hopscotch News? It would give this contest some publicity, and you might get some projects nominated. If you would like to fill out a form, go to this topic. Thanks!


MAYbe you could nominate the top ten for best of 2017.


This is great! But the hopscotch team already do this.


I know this never got featured, but I’m still gonna nominate it:

This one will be nominated a lot:

And of course the winning project for the summer contest:

I might nominate more later


You should look on the recent game changers. That might help give you an idea.


I thought about your game changer…
Idk…there are so many good projects.


Thanks, but I don’t really like my game changer…


Thank you very much, you are too kind :)




This is an amazing idea!


Thank you so much! :slight_smile: this made my day XD


I nominate this DIY trail art person created by @Dolphin_coders it truly is an amazing trail art with lots of different possibilities and deserves a spot in the top 10 best of 2017!

I will try to nominate more later.


This must have a spot:

@DMF you need it!


Can I second this? Is that a thing on this topic? XD

Well I agree, it was super good! And it deserves best of 2017!


@Dylan329’s Pixel art is the best I’ve ever seen!
This project actually defines pixel art. It needs a spot!


Oh, Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Hi guys! I am not going to be doing this every day but I just thought it would be fun too keep this topic up to date! So I am just going to do a countdown each time and a poll until we start voting!
Countdown too New Years:
In 18 days, 6 hours, 43 minutes, 55 seconds
Also in
18 days
438 hours
26323 minutes
1579385 seconds
(Lol I thought that was funny. :smile:)

  • Is the New Years Coding 2017-2018 a good idea?
  • Or is it a bad idea?

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Woah . . . I wasn’t expecting that XD


You should’ve