2016 Spooktacular Contest!



Hey, Hopscotch Forum!

You may or may not have noticed (probably not, because I published the project three minutes ago) that I'm holding an art contest on Hopscotch during the month of October.

After being on the forum and seeing that everyone's paper and digital art talent is ten times as good as their Hopscotch art, I wanted to open an opportunity for all these artists to show their true talent.

Therefore, I'm also holding the Spooktacular Contest on the forum!

insert thunderous applause

No? Okay, I'll be serious now.

The requirements of the contest are pretty loose; basically, just draw something related to Halloween. I'll be judging based on creativity and technique, as well as how well the entry actually related to Halloween (for instance, if you're going to be a princess for Halloween, and you decide you're going to draw your costume, you'll need to tell me that bit of information, or else I won't understand it).

The entries are due on October 30, and I'll announce the winners on Halloween. To enter, just post your drawing in this topic.

There will be three prizes for paper works, and three prizes for digital artists. Also, if you win in the paper category, you probably won't win in the digital category (so things are fair); likewise, if you win on the forum you're not likely to win on Hopscotch. The prizes will likely be requests (idk what else to give you; sorry if I'm a terrible artist).

Umm...that's it, I think!

Good luck!

drops mic and quickly exits stage to avoid tomatoes


First replie

gets to work


Awesome! I'll try.. I am good at drawing on paper, but deffinetly not digital art! XD


K so

creates meaningful topic about a contest

gets 5 likes

creates topic with an already answered question that should be recycled

gets 7 likes

wut is this logic


What if you draw something on paper and color it digitally


I think that would count as digital, since the final project would be digital.


I'm entering!
will. not. procrastinate. (sorry Malty!)
I don't know what to doooooooo


Yey I need to enter yey


10/11 more days! I might join tho!


Hey guise

Just a reminder that this contest ends in literally 8 days—

And I have exactly 0 entries and 6 places to fill.

So, yeah, and the prizes are very rare actual paper/digital requests from me, which I almost never do, so if you win its like you're getting some vintage car ornaments or something.

And since I have no entries, if you enter now you're more likely to get a place and a request.


Tagging Art Frens, because they're the only people I can tag...XD

The following people will be tagged when Serenity posts art stuffs.

Feel free to add yourself in the "Make a Tag List!" topic!"


I will do it!
My entry is at my house, six hours away. I will show you it tomorrow when i get back!



More people need to see this!
So imma post so some more ppl see this


I have a question,
How will we tell you the info if its our halloween costume? Will we just write it underneath or picture in our post? Sorry if this is a bad question....


I guess you could just say so in your post. Any way of letting me know is fine!


Ok! Cant like so here you are!


I done Mine

What since I did it digitally but no to on hopscotch does that count


I'm done! It took about 50 minutes. :DD


oh um did you see Vi Vi's (@Vaniberry otherwise known as my sis) post called #spooktacular? She forgot the "fall" part tho. Did you count her?
She always talks about to me and I sometimes get annoyed XD She talks mostly about how she loves all the concepts of your contests and wut she drew :DD
Sometimes she talks about how long it took her (this contest took about 45 minutes for her). Idk what other things she says cuz to me she's liak blah blah blah. She always forgets about her forum account. Anyways it's time for my bedtime Bai!


When I search for #fallspooktacular, projects titled #spooktacular usually come up. Your sister should be good!