2016 Review Collab



Yes, time flies! It's already (almost) March, 9 months ti'll new year! Since "Review of 2015" was as huge hit, I'm thinking about doing one for 2016! Yup, this early! Kinda like the Hopscotch Oscars.

People that were selected by F4LO
@Gilbert189, not only your code is amazing, but you are a great leader! (As in managing a collab, but you could be the next discourse leader too!)
@OrangeScent1, your text art is amazing! 2015 was a success, and I would like you to join this as well.
@SmilingSnowflakes, AMAZING text art. We will need lots of scenery!
@CreativeCoder is a boss with text art, games, and collabs!
@PopTart0219 is awesome with ideas and values!
@SmileyAlyssa, you are awesome! Speedy coding, yet amazing work. Quality+less quantity (time)=Awesome!
@RenegadeBird1, you are fantastic with innovative games/art! You would be a great addition to the team.

What do you guys say?
We will do a draft every week or so, there's no rush. (We can branch it from the 2015 one!)

If I selected you, please reply. I want to know if you can do it or not.

This is my 100th Topic :D


Sounds like a cool idea!


Congratulations on 100 topics! :D

Thank you!
What are we doing? :D


That's an amazing idea! Sounds great! Also congrats on 100th topic!
:D thx for adding me


Can I help here? Or do you have to be an advanced coder? (I know 4 other coding languages)


Nice job on 100th topic! :grinning:


We are making a slideshow thing! I dunno, that's plan A. Have you watched the Grammy's or Oscars before? If so, I would like to do something like that! :D


I haven't watched the Oscars or Grammys. :P

What's going to be in the slideshow? :D

This sounds awesome. :D


I cant give you the link, but can you scroll down on my profile 'till you see the "2015 a year in review"? We did that in 1 week, hopefully it can be fantastic for a



Hmm... If I get a reply with everyone I tagged, maybe. I tagged a lot of people, and I normally don't! (for collabs). I'll @ you if we need you! :wink:


Is anyone in? xD


Okie Dokie (BTW if this is all on one account I forgot my password)


Yeah, I don't really trust collab accounts. We'll branch from each other! :D (on our own accounts)


Thanks (That's waaaaay better)


So... A voting thing? .-.
With hopscotchers and stuff? :P


Also, I'm in! :D


I really dunno xD Maybe, but I don't want it to get heated.
Maybe we could ask THT to curate some people, or count record features in 2016.
Once the peeps reply, we can start! :D
We can brainstorm tho


Good idea! Although, my school iPad doesn't have the update, so it's probably hard for me to branch off. I'll try, tho! ^-^


How about new features that were added? :D


Hopscotch features, or "Features"? xP


Both! :D
I meant hopscotch features. :P