2016 Hopscotch SuperBowl Project



Ok. I deleted everything. Fresh start. We are doing best of each month, counting down to New Year's. Look at F4LO's project on our account, NewYears2016. We are also giving out likes, and I'm making one of things with passwords and stuff for it. I will publish it on my account, and tell you guys the password in a draft that I will make in our group account. Also, I want to bring to your attention that our projects got pretty popular, and @Fifithefunnyflower I think they liked your project a lot!
Stay tuned for more updates! And nominate for shoutouts!
Everybody would have a personal password that only I and the person with the password knows. There will be a group pass.

2016 BALL DROP! Nominate ANYONE! Absolutely no flags!
Hopscotch New Years 2016 GRAMMYS!
2016 BALL DROP! Nominate ANYONE! Absolutely no flags!

Can we please just stop with this nominating and voting stuff? It was fun when we were nominating, and being friendly about it, and then when we actually started polling, it wasn't fun at all, and there was a lot of bragging. And people getting incredibly low scores, and I feel terrible for them!




Ok! Maybe we can go through everyone included, complimenting them about the great work that they do! Forget the polls! Let's just see who people like as artists, no voting to see how many people!


I didn't see bragging. Though I do agree I felt bad when I wasn't nominated, and then when I WAS and people were beating me.
But still, good idea! Can I help in some way?


Change of plans. @PopTart0219 had a great point. We should include all kinds of people we think are doing well, putting in effort, and being nice and helpful. We aren't going to vote, we will give shout-outs to people who showed great effort.


Ok cool
and @Poptart0219
I agree, there was a bunch of bragging


Yeah! I'll let you pick. Look at the previous comments, we changed plans to make people feel better about themselves.


What do you mean by someone to "make the ball drop?"


Great idea! Umm... What time zone are you in?


I'm only one thing up there and thats a good friend. If you knew me and you needed help they would come to me :blush:


EAST 4 meh


Eastern Time. So if you want to help, please do!


Yep! I'll put you under good friend!


Okay Sure, I'll help!


I can help, I just really don't want to do the polling, it lowered my self esteem incredibly


This will be up temporarily! Use the account for GOOD things! You can follow yourself and like your own projects. :wink:


Why do people keep getting the Top Hopscotchers topic flagged? Is it because they weren't nominated or they didn't win? Either way, i think it's unfair to people who DID want to vote, and they should've posted a message before flagging so rudely,


YAY l also draw....but I don't like to say I'm good cause in really not I just like to draw I don't expect people to like my drawings


Ok Great, I'm in Pacific TZ just so you know