2016 Election! Who do you vote for?


Hi everyone. Election day is here, but who do you vote for, and why? And PLEASE, PLEASE, never ever, ever make a fight. Just for you guys to know, I support Hillary.


Hey @Caroline!

I know finding out who's the next president is exiting and stuff, but there's already plenty of topics, and this isn't hopscotch related at all. :0

I suggest you recycle this topic, you honestly you can do whatever you want with it. :)


Okay. I'll just keep this topic for one more day.



Thank you!
Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh, I really didn't mean to.

  • Go Hillary!
  • Go Trump!
  • Go Johnson!
  • Go Jill!


Votes are public.


It's fine.
Well, I'm really nervous.
Hillary has a low possibility of winning.


Umm.... when i made something like this it wasn't good...


Okay, but let's see how this goes.


Ah, Trump won.

He's not any better than Hillary, but if he doesn't affect me and my family in anyway, I'll be fine.


No.. I meant ur not supposed to do it


Well, it's going fine, and besides this is a big deal.


Wait, the voters are public?!?!
I shouldn't vote! But I did....

(Also we can't vote, most of us are smol beans.)