2015 Music Video!



It's not the best, but I hope you like it!
@Follow4LikesOfficial made the music, so please praise him for his awesomeness!
It's on my profile too


@OrangeScent1, it's super cool, but it glitches my Hopscotch out. In any project, the words "Happy New Yewr!" keep growing on my screen.


I think it's supposed to do that


Weird :o


It is, but only on that project


Oh the first time my iPad crashed and i restarted but it was fine that time


My iPad nearly crashed, but it made it through :sweat_smile:.
Awesome job, OS!


Dang it I know what happened
I forgot to change the values once it grew, so now it's cloning and growing forever


Thanks! :3




@Follow4LikesOfficial thank for the Skyfall music :wink: it's really amazing!


@orangescent1, I just saw it :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks awesome! Thanks for including me in the video :thumbsup:

I'm Anonymous (my username) now XD

Great job! I hope the hopscotch team curates this into featured! (30 likes and 64 views in 45 minutes shows a lot)


I doubt I'll get featured though... It's not that good :stuck_out_tongue: maybe they'll like it tho!


Stop doubting :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this emoji :stuck_out_tongue:


If they like it it goes on their list of thing that they might feature, I think :wink:.



Guess what? Check out the likes by the hopscotch team. If they like something, it means it's awesome. Many of my shoutouts were inspired by The Hopscotch Tea :tea:'s likes.


I love this gif :stuck_out_tongue: I just hope THT stops adding remixes to featured


I want to thank @liza and @ian @admins for making 2015 the best year for Hopscotch. It wouldn't be possible without you guys <3