2015 Hopscotch Yearbook



Hi! I'm making a hopscotch yearbook that I want published sometime around new years. And guess what!? If you are on the forum you get to help make it! Here is the first Poll:


those are the options for the background. If you have a custom color re make the poll and add it on(including HSB #)


why didn't it work? the poll

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Yellow
  • Green



In case you were wondering, @TheAquamarineWolf, what code @friendship2468 used to make the poll, it is:
- blue
- brown
- yellow
- green


Okay I published my template. The majority of the votes were blue so ithas a blue background.
Link doesn't work here is a pic


Okay now I need to decide the theme

  • Stars
  • Hearts
  • Flowers
  • Suns
  • Moons
  • Comet
  • Cloud


Edit: If anyone has another idea for a theme post it here!


We have a tie between Stars, comet and cloud(I voted so Stars has more(my vote doesn't count)) People please help by voting for the theme of this years hopscotch yearbook.


flower power!!! I'm a boy so this makes no sense LOL


Can't like! But this is a great idea! Which Hopscotchers will you include?


Stars are the theme. Now I need to decide the hopscotchers that will be posted in it. The first 11 who reply with their name will be posted in the 2015 yearbook


I think this is a awesome idea! @TheAquamarineWolf it looks cool so far nice job!


This is great! Do a featured list for all the people on featured. (I'm assuming that's what game changers is, right?)


heres a idea maybe you could add a inspiration tab so all the hopscotchers who you think and others think as well who inspired them the most to keep on coding!


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me please? i really want to be in there!


This seems really cool. It kinda reminds me of my BoH...can I (Creative Coder) be in it?


Can I be in it? I'm MobCraft.


10th like! :wink:



@TheAquamarineWolf, is the theme stars??


Can I join or be in it @TheAquamarineWolf? my user on Hopscotch is SnowGirl Studios :snowflake: :zap: