2015 Hall of Fame NEW TOPIC NU FLAG PLS


So.... The other one was flagged... Should I use the data to make the project now @OrangeScent1? @Gilbert189


No, let's get @OrangeScent to copy the polls. Should we redo the votes?


No! We had 1 redo already. I think it's fine


Maybe we take the first, second, and maybe third place winners and put them in a final poll!


But music has only 3 ppl and text art has 2...


Let's summon @OrangeScent1


Your savior has arrived -plays dramatic music-


We need a decision. Redo the polls, or just use the data to make the project?


So, I'll make this quick, vote

  • redo votes
  • nah keep em



Let's take the top three winners, if there are three, so music takes the top two, and text art already has a winner, but for the other categories, we have a final poll with a max of three people to decide who is the best.


Not redoing the votes.


Ok, but some people say they didn't get to vote..
@Follow4LikesOfficial, place your final verdict


It all says it on teh poll


Kk, so I guess I'll just bring the top 3 in the categories. That have a bunch of nominees
Top 2 in like, music and stuff
1 in helpfulness
1 in text art


Seriously, you got my topic closed in under 9 hours.
What is wrong with you guys :laughing:


Lol I'll try to find them Brb


Then one poll to decide the real winner. I'm including first second, and third place in my hall of fame project.


WHAT?!!?!?!?!?! So we're dong the polls again?! Wait, SO ME AND @Follow4LikesOfficial HAVE TO COMPETE AGAIN?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
NOOOOOOO!!!! NOOO!!! NOOO!!! NOO!!!! @OrangeScent1 @Gilbert189 @Follow4LikesOfficial


Kk I'm using the data now to do it

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  • Anonymous
  • Season
  • Other



No we're not