2015, A Year in Review


So... Ive made the project so far @OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza @Gilbert189

I did the title and stuff. Anyone want to take over? Ill publish it


@OrangeScent1, @LotsaPizza and others, please dont post memes this time, the topic got flagged 3 times and thats just ridiculous.


I was going to make projects for each theme in draft mode. I added chillana and monkey in the background to Good Friends


I can't work on it right now, I have to do some stuff for my collabs :grimacing:


OK. Tell me when cuz I have no idea what to do with it


2015 was a great year with amazing Hopscotchers and projects. First, let's go over The Hopscotch Team's Top 10 projects!
10. Vaccinate Yo Kids, by ADHDJ!
9. Cool, Please Try! By Cuties,:cat::dog:, Cuties! :dog::cat:
8. Dots Endless Mode, by Game Coder!
7. Lemonade Stand, @Madi_Hopscotch_!
6. Beach Volleyball, @SUPERSWAGGY!
5. Don't Get 30, PurpleHawk!
4. Moon Quest, Etalix!
3. Helicopter Rescue, @MagmaPOP!
2. 2048, @t1_hopscotch!
1. Kaleidoscope Draw, @Valgo!
Good Job! You guys made AWESOME projects!


Do you want to work on it? cant like ;-;


For the Poll Results, we had many nominees! Here were the results:
Coder: @MagmaPOP!
Rising: @OrangeScent1!
Helpful: @t1_hopscotch!
Artist: @LotsaPizza!
Music: @Snoopy!
Text Art: @SmilingSnowflakes!
Effort: @Stampys_fans!
Best Projects Overall: @AHappyCoder
Honerable Mentions: @seawolfwerehorse, @Rawrbear, @PopTart0219, @Valgo, @Follow4LikesOfficial @LazyLizard, @DancingLollipop, @Mj211, @Phase_Studios (@Phase_Admin), @Funky_63_Greenland, and EVERYONE!
Hopscotcher of 2015: Okay, so we were halfway through voting and then it was closed. The winner was @LotsaPizza, second place came to @OrangeScent1, and third resulted with @MagmaPOP! But take to mind that we are all awesome, these are just some mentions. Nominees coming soon!


So, 1 st, 2nd, and 2nd were my rankings
The average is 1.6 repeating
I'll take it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yay at least I'm an honorable mention!


MagmaPOP didn't get first?! Wow...




I'm proud of myself for beating Mp :stuck_out_tongue:




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"Honorable Mention," @seawolfwerehorse


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Woah... Yasssss! :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Ummm... Can we start? @Gilbert189 @LotsaPizza @OrangeScent1


Sorry, the forum was lagging and I couldn't say I could start!
Did you publish the project?