200+ Plays on my Summer BG!


This really uplifted my depression!

It's the Summer BG! It was my first BG formed like that! Thanks you guys SOO much! BTW, it's the link when you press my user.


Cool! Congratuverylatetions on getting 200+ Plays!!


Awesome! I haven't gotten over 100 plays on a projects. /:I


It's ok, you'll get there


Senpai @Maltese liked this topic???!!!


Wooo! Good job!
What "depression" do you have?


@Explorer_, did you draw your profile picture? :smiley: because it looks good


No, @VanillaBlossom did, I just edit it


My teacher thinks I'm not advanced to go in 6th grade math :disappointed:


Seriously?! Well, I think there are probably other factors than JUST your teacher thinking that. You can take a test and that's what got me into advanced class. You seem smart, and you should probably be in advanced 6th grade math.


Oh, I thought so! this drawing was somewhat familar...


congratulations!! it's an awesome project :scream: You're great at making art on hopscotch!!


Congratulations! It´s a great project!


Thanks you guys so much!


Congrats! :tada::tada: