200 Days for Kitkat26!


Hey guys!
So today is my 200th (yay) on here. I just want to thank everyone for being so nice and encouraging me to stick with coding. That's all have a nice day!!




Congratulations! I hope you have an awesome day!


Thanks @smishsmash!! It means a lot when you reply to my topic. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Wow that's awesome!!! That's a great accomplishment, you should be proud!:blush:


Your welcome!

Woah, really? :D thanks!


Congrats on 200 :smiley:


Off topic but I love your profile pic, it describes me well


Thanks! :D


Congrats on 200! Are you going to do anything to celebrate? :D


I was celebrating my 200th day not too long ago, I remember how excited I was! :) Congratulations on this amazing achievement! Next 300! :D




Wow congratuverylations!