20 Things About Moi! (AKA Senny)


Everyone else is doing this, but this has 20 facts about me in it. Credit goes to @BellaWafflez17 for starting the trend!

  1. My favorite book is the Hunger Games (1st book)
  2. My favorite food is either donuts or Italian food.
  3. I ate alligator once when I was in Florida :0
  4. I loooooove Hetalia!
  5. I currently have 1 Feature on Hopscotch, and it has about 1500 likes on it!
  6. I'm an only child living in Minnesota.
  7. I love cats and penguins!
  8. My favorite song is probably "Don't Let Me Down" by The Chainsmokers, featuring Daya.
  9. Had my mom not moved to MN after college, I would be living on the East Coast right now!
  10. I have one cat named Ashley (who we got a little over a year ago!
  11. My username, SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes_cat:, basically means "Master Coder", because sensei means teacher/master in Japanese.
  12. I want to travel to Europe, Japan, or Hawaii one day!
  13. I am a proud flutist, and can play Dynamite on the flute.
  14. My birthday is June 15, thus making me one of the youngest kids in my grade ;-;
  15. You probably already know this, but I am a 2nd Degree black belt in karate!
  16. I am in 6th grade, but still in elementary school.
  17. I procrastinate soooo much XD
  18. I consider myself Semi-Popular at school. As in, I have friends, but I'm not that one person everyone wants to be friends with.
  19. I am 99.999999999999% sure @thebestest lives in my town, but we don't go to the same school.
  20. My favorite color is either lavender or magenta!


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Wow. Did it taste good?
Cool topic btw

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It was pretty good. It tasted like chicken XD

I wouldn't want to eat it every day or anything, but if I had the chance to eat it again, I would!

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The thought of that sounds gross...no offense tho

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I didn't, but I am a third-degree black belt in Kung F.u, and master in Weapon Training.

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