20 Questions (Hopscotchified!)



This is a game where you and someone else play a home of 20 Questions, but it is with projects, featureds, and more! There is an example below.
Player 1: I'm thinking of a Hopscptcher that starts with a "M"
Player 2: How often does He/She publish?
Player 1: Every 3 days
Player 2: Does He/She have any more Capital letters?
Player 1: Yes
Player 2: Is it MagmaPOP?
Player 2: Yes!
It could go on much longer than that! And you can think of anything Hopscotch or forum-related!


I'll start!
This is a project by @smileyalyssa!


Sounds fun! I am thinking of a hopscotcher who likes snow.


Is it a quiz?




Sort of, so yes!


Is it SmilingSnowflakes?


Was it published in the last week?


Yes it was, in fact it was published recently! Please note that SmileyAlyssa and Rawrbear changed names.


Yep! (20 characters :rolling_eyes:)


Yep! Wow, that was easy.....


OHHHH ar you talking about Rawrbear original or SmileyAlyssa original? I'm talking about SmileyAlyssa original.


For the 20 character rule, put this without the indented text:


I'm talking about the SmileyAlyssa that did the name change with rawbear, so yes SmileyAlyssa the original!


I am thinking of a project that is in featured.


Was it published within the last week?


Mkay. GG


I am thinking of someone who is in a sims collab...


Um, I don't think so...


I'm thinking of someone who's name starts with D