20 character trick!



So I have seen a lot of people who have been doing things like:

Have to have 20 characters to post this

And (jdhfjskxjd cjeifjdmcnnd)

All you have to do is use these! <> just put letters in them, and on the post people cannot see them. It is a little trick. (Before you say SBYP, this is a refresher because the other topics are kind of old.)


Let me try...

Please reply with the answer


< hello everybody I hope that worked! >


Nope it didn't usjdndh


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Make sure the letters are right after < and > @JJ4eva. :grinning:




it works ^0^


Heres a like because I ran out :hearts:


I know about this trick already, most people do, and I can make a blank post with it! Look below.






I'm gonna see if it show's up when you reply


I'm gonna try with this post too


Aww it no work :(


Actually, you have to have 20 letters NO MATTER WHAT. It will just be invisible.


Yeah well it will be invisible tho :)


I know this but one thing I don't like about this is...

It's a shortcut!

Instead of saying


Hit the like button to agree!

That's what it's for!


+1 or I think wrighting fuller sentences is better and not doing the