2 year anniversary :D!



My 2 year anniversary is in about 2 months :D

Do the math and you get..

Most boring month of the year in my opinion...

But because I started my Hopscotch life on this horrible month

It's 2% better

But still is a bad month

It doesn't have any big holidays!

It's the 9th month

The "cat" month is what I call it

No offense but I have a fear of cats


Ok get ready for a 2 month wait

Pls make some cards for prep

Cya guise


Okey I'm a patient little boy. c:


Don't harm him!?!?
Wut ok


Kool! :smile:
Happy 2 year anniversary!






I don't get what you're saying sadly :confused:


Kool! And the ninth month? :scream: that's when school starts for @Candycane @Jess888 @PandaBlossom @xXBARNSLEYFCXx other Brits and @KVJ


What, September? Yeah :smile:

Off topic to KVJ

@KVJ have you already finished school? Or do you not even have school, you are so old :stuck_out_tongue:


September is the month you joined.

And you have ailurophobia, fear of cats.

Good for you!


KVJ, I think, finishes in August?


Maybe… either/or :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Le >; )




You are right I don't mean any offense to anyone but my birthday is in October and September to me is the longest month

Lo siento Septermbrie amors



September is my birthday month


@Bubbles4Ever929 o ok then


I don't go to school my term times are different I stop doing my work on Friday and I go on holiday on sat then im not back till sept the 12th so 9 weeks


No uk kids,finish late July till begging of sept
Except for me


MEINE GUTE!! How on Erde is that fair??