2 Improperly Used Emojis


So the title says it all.

Anyways, many people use certain emojis in certain ways on the forum. Sometimes it adds to the flavor of the post, while sometimes it's not really that good.

1. The Winky Face (:wink:)
While this emoji isn't bad, it's overused. To make matters worse, it's used in not the best way. This is supposed to replace the classic "wink wink cough cough" phrase, commonly to point out someone/something. Yes, pointing out someone is not the best thing to do, but that can be used in a positive way (for example you tag someone who's really good with sin and cos :wink::wink:@Rawrbear). I mean yeah you're technically "pointing out the rules" but still it defeats the purpose of this sort of comical emoji.

2. The Slight Smile (:slight_smile:)
This is basically the winky face 2.0, if you get what I mean. This is supposed to be kind of a slight smile (ex. "Thanks for the feature :slight_smile:") (:wink::wink: corny jokes XD (btw if you don't get it, I said "It's supposed to be kind of a slight smile")). Yes, the slight smile can be used for "Follow the rules", but it's not really used in the right context. If it were to be used, a more plausible context would be using it after "We're here to make you safe".

If you disagree in any way, feel free to reply but do not flag.


I agree with what your saying, i think people just use those 2 empjis most on the forum because those are easy fo type. U just have to do :) for :slight_smile: and ;) for :wink:. For all the other emojis, you actually have to go to ur emoji keyboard. Oh yah and i dont know why knowbody does :D for :smiley:.


Well, we can't really stop people from using it, it's not like it's mean. :wink::slight_smile:

(The emojis were a joke, if you couldn't tell. :laughing:)


Nah, there has to be something more than just that. But your guess is reasonable.


I use them to show I'm joking, happy, or not trying to seem mean but friendly…


Yes they were I see

Your use of :laughing: is good :laughing:


I used to overuse the :wink: emoji, I don't know why, but now, I use the :slight_smile: emoji to show that I'm not upset or anything.

I normally use it when I'm telling people that there's a duplicate topic, etc.


Joking is :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy is :smile:
Not trying to seem mean could be :no_mouth: or just saying it wasn't trying to be offensive.


Showing you're not upset using that could be okay.


Joking for me can be :stuck_out_tongue:, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, :wink: etc

:slight_smile: is just a happy face to me. The 'slight' means nothing to me - a smile is a smile :smiley: :smile:


The :stuck_out_tongue: emoji is best used as a filler when you don't have twenty characters.


I agree that these can be misused. I used to use these a lot, but I don't even really use emojis anymore XD (nothing can match the α••( ᐛ )α•— emoticon)


Much better to use
<byucetsergfctfcfyfytvtfyv, eh?


I'm sorry I use :wink: in all my posts XD
I need more friends


Eh... no. :stuck_out_tongue:


Or is it? <txtfctcfycfhvugvuvguvugv


Nope :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder why you have that profile pic then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i m fren #7 :000000


And I'm Fren number 22 :sunglasses: