1st person 360 turning demo


This is the updated version
Check the code to learn


I can't view it because I haven't updated my game yet


Feedback: The left and right buttons turn your character a bit slow. Maybe fix that?


It's just a code demo, not a game.
It's for educational purposes only.
I mentioned I would've coded differently and use cos/sine if was making an actual game.


Oh, that makes sense.



This uses Cos/Sine

The 1 is just shown to show the trees position on the map/radar

The number 1 doesn't need to be visible

The 1 Y position is shown at the top

The 1 turns in a large circle bigger than the screen.

The code is easy.

Set a sprites x position to 1 x position
Forever, when 1 y position is less than ?
Hide sprite
Else show sprite



That looks great :D
I wonder if one could use size for walking forwards and backwards.


Can you make a tutorial in a new subject.

Just use cos/sine to make a sprite curve from one side tithe other, about a quarter circle.
Forever set a tress X pos to the sprites X pos
Forever if the sprites Y pos is less than ?(its lowest point when it touches the screen edge)
Hide the tree
Else show the tree

You can make a more professional version of this
This is easy to do


That would be hard
Sprites behind would have to get smaller as the sprites in front get bigger.


You mean for my tutorial topic?


Yes for your tutorial topic.
Make it sound easier than I typed here


Would you be able to explain the code a little better, I don't really know what it does XD


You know how to use cos-sine to make a sprite rotate around in a large circle?


But not semi circles though I could probably figure it out


This isn't a semi circle.
The circles just bigger than the screen

Just press the left/right arrows to increase/decrease the turn value

Forever set a Trees X position to the 1 x position
Forever if the 1 Y position is less than?(whatever it's Y position is when reaches the screen edge)
Hide the tree
Show the tree


can you give me the name of your project? it sends me to the following tab.


Do you guys mind if I help? @stradyvarious @AHappyCoder and @Rawrbear are kinda...