1st drawing! ;D



Here it is my first drawing... It's not the best.

Tell me what you think!
And also should I keep drawing?


It's pretty good for a first drawing!


Yeah my first drawing on hopsotch was this:

my sister drew the white but this is kinda it yours is way better! And heres a like :heart:


Is that poop? Lol


Yeah it was meant to be hair until my SISTER RUINED it right before I took a screen shot


Any tips to make my drawing better @PandaBlossom @Sugarisyummy @Paydent12


Hmm... Well, your shading is ok..(don't ask me to teach you how to shad, I am really bat at it) You should try drawing eyes, find one that you like, if it's complicated, wait a bit, until you are a bit more experienced and then * try it. If you find a nice one, try it out, if it's ok,and not too hard, try it out... And choose quite a few, so you can try lots of styles and see which on fits you. It will take time, believe me :sweat_smile::flushed:( I haven't even found my exact style yet*)
If this isn't clear, I can always explain step by step! (You are a boy, right..?)


This is my first drawing...


Yeah I am a boy!


Best drawing 2k16 :joy:


Kay! (Thought so...) yah.. I'm a girl... CANT YA SEE DAT?! (Dunno why I did dat)

I have no idea why I did that :yum:



By the way did you make your profile pic? ;D


Sadly, no, but I am working on one... XD why does everyone think that...
(The drawing is not my style of drawing, if that makes sense...:sunglasses:)


Ok where did you get it ;D @PandaBlossom


Internet... Why?
Plus, I like your bear (;


I think it was great for a beginner!


Can I try drawing your profile pic @PandaBlossom? And @Wookie, that is a great drawing! :grinning:


YAAASSSS, YA can! Can't wait to see it! I know it will be AWSOME! :laughing: