1st Birthday + Update to Forum


21th like/reply:
Yaaaaaaaaay! This is great! Thank you THT!!



The new categories sounds awesome! :D

I'm really excited! :D



The new categories are AWESOME! :D

Thank you, THT! :D



@Liza that's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where to put things like Q&A topics/General Topics or other things (assuming those kinds of topics are okay on the forum)?


Le gah I missed 22nd like and 22nd post/reply…


So awesome ,cool amazing Great I will LOVE this update!!




Its great @Liza! Because before that I always had to choose the topic with "help"


oh my wut

thanks u



I just noticed that! :D

The forums are entering a new chapter! c:




@Liza, are these kinds of topics okay to put in #help?


Yep, that's in help. Help is still the 'General' category, the others are for bugs and collabs only.


Oh thanks @BuildASnowman!

Phew I was confuzzled :sweat_smile:


Yay! Happy birthday, forum! :D

The new categories are awesome! Thanks for adding them! :D

I'm going to change the categories of someof my topics so people don't get confused. :D

Maybe you could add an "Other" category? :D


Is this a party .Or did I miss the party .:sob::sob::sob:


Ok ! Thanks for the tip @Liza ! Happy birthday to the forum and I hope it will grow really well in the years to come !

( When will you next be doing promotions ? )


,': <


Tenement you awesome project by the same name? Which I remixed as Holy Kuh?


I thought you were making a batman and robin reference

couldn't find holy cow gif ;-;