1st Birthday + Update to Forum


Hi Hops,

:birthday: Happy 1st birthday to the forum!! :birthday:

In the last year, some really cool stuff has come out of the forum:

  • 2,000+ forum members!
  • 400,000+ posts in the forum (holy cow that is a big number)
  • Really cool trends and projects, especially through collabs

We thought the forum would make it easier for you to give and get Hopscotch help, but we had no idea what would come of it. We’ve been completely blown away.

Thanks for being a part of this!!

In its second year, the forum is growing up. We’re unveiling some features that we hope will help make it more useful for everyone. Drum roll…

The forum now has more than one category! Before, if you had a question about code, you posted in “Help”. If you wanted to do a collab, you posted in “Help”. If you found a bug in Hopscotch, you posted in “Help”. It was messy and confusing for us, and probably you, too.


There are now 3 categories in the forum: Help, Collabs, and Bugs. Before you post something, ask yourself: “Why I am posting this?”

  • If you need help with code, post to “Help".
  • If you want to work with someone on a project, post to “Collabs”
  • If you found a bug in Hopscotch or want to comment on a new update, post in “Bugs”

It’ll take a little while to get the hang of what goes where. Let’s all be patient and help each other get used to the new system :slight_smile: Also, let us know what you think! Post here to share your thoughts.

Liza and THT



First reply! Yay!


I believe the birthday was on July 16th. Actually it was June 5th, but @system "joined" on July 16th. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I really like the new features!


I can't wait to do a collab now lol

That's a lot of new functions, forum members, posts, and projects lol


I just noticed the new update, coincidentally!

Thanks for the new categories, everyone is always asking for more!

And wasn't the forum's birthday on July 16?


This is really cool! Thanks @Liza!
And I also get the first like


Thanks for making this awesome forums. It deserves to have a party. But it already did. This forums made such a impact on coding for me.


I love this new update! It's really going to be useful. :D

Thanks for these new forum features, @Liza + THT! :D

And happy belated birthday, forum! :) The Hopscotch forum has been so useful for me in so many ways, thanks so much THT! :)


Happy birthday forum! We needed new categories!



This is awesome!

(BTW I gave u nice post :D)

One problem, I can't find the other categories :0

Wait nvrm found them :0



The new categories are AWESOME!!!!



Okay, were half the tags cleared out, or what?

There is no bugs tag, bug tag, help tag, account tag, other tag, and more!


Actually 4, because of "Random", but only Leaders can post there. The 5th is Lounge.


Is it becuase I was demoted @liza but I only see help with code!


I have Lounge so no


But I am a member now and I only see help with code.


It's fixed @liza.


20th like! Yayaya