1st annual Bubble Awards!


Hello! And welcome to... The first annual... Bubble awards! *clapping thank you thank you. So every month I will hold a... Bubble Awards! Starting somewhere in the beginning of that month. So you can nominate people to be in the voting for the awards! (Will be made into a project) after enough people get nominated for a subject there will be a poll. Whoever wins the poll wins the award. Do not @ them because I want this to be a surprise to them (if they don't see it already) anyways. Here are the awards!
No nominating yourself

Most positive!
Nominees: @Dude73 @SmilingSnowflakes and @SmileyAlyssa

Most helpful!
Nominees: @codingCupcake123

Best coder!
Nominees: everyone

Best draw pad!
Nominees: @iMeow

Best artist!
Nominees: @OrangeScent1

Best anonymous supporter/fan!
Nominees: @Maltese

Most improved!
Nominees: @SnowGirl_Studios @Fun_in_the_Sun @MemorableChicken


I will nominate tomorrow. Have to go to bed.


most positive: @SmileyAlyssa!


I wonder if I will be nominated. (Yeah, totally (not))
Anyways, I nominate @SnowGirl_Studios for all of those! :smile:


I think it is a hard choice for most positive between:


I was nominated!
if you didn't hear my scream I would be surprised


Memorible chicken
For all of them tho he is not on fourm


Most helpful: @codingCupcake123


Most improved:
@Fun_in_the_Sun (I have really improved)


Most imporoved
I have imporoved but started a new account


Lel the day I want to start watching a let's play on Undertale my favorite YouTuber starts a let's play on it. Anyways. I will add your nominees


@MoonlightCoder and @Fun_in_the_Sun I forgot to mention no nominating yourself... Sorry


Aww thanks @Dude73! :smiley:


I agree with these nominations so far. :D


Most improved: @MemorableChicken! Based off his first project compared to now!


I'm not nominating myself, but I think we could win Most Improved. We went from a remixer to art and coding.


I nominate @iMeow for the best drawing pad


I smiled so big even a fourth of a water melon won't fill it up by 0.000000....000001% of it.


I say @Maltese! I am a huge fan of hers because she supported me from the day she came on!


Thanks for nominating me! :blush:

Off-topic: I re-wrote my bio, and included some shout-outs... :D