1k likes giveaway


I'm doing this to even out my likes I only gave 75 and got 700+ and I feel kinda bad so I will give away 1k likes asaic (as soon as I can).BYE!:blush:


I don't think 1k likes is possible but cool idea!


I agree you will have a limit of like idk, 200 likes per hour, idk


1000 in a day?!?! That's a whole lotta tapping


do it!
runs out of likes


Tons of peeps would get spam liked and may not like it...


Isn't that just spam liking?


I would like
But I ran out
bald frisk xD


I would like it!

Hint: Do KVJ! :stuck_out_tongue:


I will do everyone,but they have to come to this topic and confirm that they want likes