15 Project Rule Discussion


New users have 15 projects limit while old users don’t. The only way for new users to get unlimited projects is to get subscription. No other way.


Wow that is something
Verry interesting

Would creating new accounts get around this ?


Yes. But remember that u can only make 15 in 1 account.


Does it count drafts too? Like you can’t make 16 project drafts?

I guess it seems reasonable it prevents chatting and whatnot you’d only publish something that you are proud of


You can only make 15 projects whether published or not. If u have 15 drafts, u cannot make more. If 15 of your projects are published, u cannot make more drafts.


Does this not work?

By the way, 15 projects is not enough time for a user to fall in love with the app and want to buy a subscription. The best thing would be to leave the app free, and if people decide that they absolutely love the app and need more features, they will buy a subscription.


I agree with you - 15 projects may not be nearly enough time for a new user, especially a new coder, to get fully acquainted with the app.


That would make Hopscotch get less subscrbers though, if they just gave the main part of the subscription away for free.


Because the featured tab has so many projects nowadays, why not give someone more project slots whenever they get featured?


That’s very true, but if people experience the subscription and discover how great it is, and go past the 15 project limit, they might be more inclined to get the subscription.

It’s all just an idea, though.


I am not sure if that is the best idea. A lot of the new users to Hopscotch are beginner coders that likely won’t get featured within their first 15 projects. I mean, we can all relate: when we all first started, none of us got featured immediately. The “more project slots” method may just make people feel bad about themselves and the app, because newer coders might not be able to achieve that. And then of course, if we have coder prodigies that automatically get featured on their very first coding projects and get more project slots, it kind of defeats the whole idea behind the 15 project limit.

You could look at this idea you shared from different standpoints. I can see why this could sound appealing, but I am not sure if it is the best take on this specific rule at this very moment.


Oh, so the rule also applies to drafts. If you create 15 drafts without publishing, can you publish one of ones you have already made after-the-fact? So if you create 15 projects and publish all of them, you can’t create anymore drafts, and even if you create 15 drafts without publishing, you can’t create anymore?

What if you delete a draft and create a new one? Does that also affect it?

Sorry for all of the questions, I just want to get some more information about this, because it is a pretty new topic for me.


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You can delete projects and they will not count.


Do u have the 15 project limit too? If not, you are fortunate and I don’t think u need to know more.

Just think of it this way. Your account can only contain 15 projects. It can be all published, all not published, or some published and others not published.

If u delete a project, u can make more. If u have 14 then delete 1, u can make 2 more projects.


I didn’t know about this.

Does this limit apply only to projects that are posted/uploaded or also drafts?


Based on what they say, everything. Drafts and published combined.


Oh wow.

I understand that paying for the space on servers for all the projects might be expensive but I’m not sure how well this is going to go.

Hopscotch better leave a great first impression on these kids because I’ve had the app for 3+ years now and I still see no need to buy the subscription except for this now.


Imma put this in a tab just in case it gets lengthly…I feel like writing an article so I’m going to write one I guess:


I’ve always thought of Hopscotch as a free coding children’s app. I could visit it and make whatever I wanted, and if I wanted custom images or anything like that, I could get a subscription. But now there’s the 15 project limit. The 15 project limit limits new Hopscotcher (joining within the last 6 months) to only creating 15 drafts and published projects combined. To get past that limit, the only thing you can do is get a subscription.

I definitely would have left Hopscotch if I was new and there was a 15 project limit. I would have gone to search for another free coding platform where I could fully branch out and learn to code. Hopscotch is a great coding platform. Easy to use colorful blocks make Hopscotch my personal favorite coding platform. You can press a block and it tells you what it is and how to use it. A big part of being a new Hopscotcher is branching out and experimenting. Many new users will use the custom blocks already made or remix instead of their own code at first. Coders need more than 15 projects to branch out and really find out how to code. Finding out how to code is what drives people to want to stay on Hopscotch in my opinion, to get a subscription. This is why I think the limit should be greater than it is now to let coders branch out and learn.

I also agree that this could be a good way for THT to make more money, though, which is to make sure that Hopscotch will still exist in the future. I think it is fine to make a limit, but I think it would drive many more Hopscotcher to stay and join Hopscotch if the cap was greater and people could actually gain more motivation on their projects. This is just my opinion.


Getting featured nowadays is pretty common