15 Project Rule Discussion


Hi everyone!

If you are unaware, Hopscotch recently put out a new rule stating that new users (not the older users that have already been on) have a 15 “free” project limit. Once they cap at that limit, they can either purchase the subscription or they will not be able to code on the app anymore.

Older users will not be affected by this rule. What do you think about this rule? Do you think that this 15 project limit may drive new users away from the app/community?

Idea for update

I’m just now learning about this, but I can tell you that if this was around when I was just starting Hopscotch, I would have hit the limit very quickly and quit because I wouldn’t have been able to publish as many project as I would’ve liked to. I have almost 600 projects (And those are just the ones I haven’t deleted!). If I would’ve been capped at 15 projects, I’m not sure I would have continued. I hadn’t heard of this rule until now, that’s very odd


But what if “worry” got it stuck


I guess it depends on the user.
If they’re either decently experienced or not very experienced, yes I think it might. The former because if you have a relatively large amount of experiences, there would definitely be better more advanced places for you, and some users coming in with that knowledge may feel kinda :// about the limit and would also realize that. In that case theyd probably go to those other platforms. The latter because if they’re newbies and they have project limits, they won’t be able to mess around with code as much or remix and branch off of other ideas a whole lot. It’d just be kinda like “Hey, you get these 15 projects. You choose what you wanna do with them”. While some people may not mind that, there’s also the fact that after the 15 they get filtered or you have to buy a subscription. This could be discouraging for a variety of reasons. First off, you’ve gotta think about the age group and what era we’re in. These are little kids in a modern world. If the project is filtered, they won’t really get plays or likes because people can’t see it. This would be super discouraging to some – I know if I were in that situation, I’d feel like everything I was doing wasn’t appreciated or good enough, and that might lead some users to completely shun coding and comp sci as a whole. For the more experienced people coming in, as I said, they could easily find other places where this wouldn’t be a problem, and might feel that it wasn’t worth their time or effort to fix the filter problem or pay for an app they could possibly be beyond.
But for other kids coming in, this may not be a problem. Some of them will definitely get popularity, fame etc and likes and stuff, which would encourage them. Maybe enough for them to pay, or keep making a new acc every 15 projects.
But that’d probably get very old very fast.

Overall, I’d say yes. It probably would drive away the majority of new Hopscotchers

This is a personal opinion, and I mean no disrespect to THT or anyone else.


I haven’t heard of it either, and I 100% agree! I was a really prolific coder when I first began coding, and if I was capped at 15 I would have deleted the app and found another coding program, because I would know that my parents would not purchase the subscription for me.


Yes, no disrespect to anyone. Thank you for your response! I agree with you: age and experience really factor in to this question.


Yeah same.
I’ve had 100s of drafts and published projects both, and I tend to work on a bunch of things at once, in different drafts. (I’m currently working on 10 separate projects) I usually always duplicate and have a couple different versions. 20 drafts right there from today. I’d never be able to do that with the limit, and I’d probably leave and think it’s not worth it. Cuz there are different places I can go and have been, and I bet it’s like that’s for a lot of other hsers too


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Yes, once they notice that nobody can see 90% of their projects

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could someone link the topic where this rule was introduced?


I thought that you just couldn’t make any more projects. It won’t let you create them, because it included drafts and published projects.


I think it does. I have seen a few people angry about it, and THT should increase it to around 30-40


Project limit used to not exist, and it still shouldn’t – it’s not even helping them make any money


If I were a new user the limit would definitely discourage me from coding.
I’d probably just delete the app after discovering the limit, feeling it was another “pay to play” kind of app.


Sometimes that happens and other times it publishes but randomly filters.
I believe that’s what happened with @BabyButterfly (correct me if I’m wrong)


Yeah, that does happen to me. I think I might have gotten a ban or something like that. It’s whatever tho


That is exactly what I told THT in my video call with them!



I know it does. I’ve seen people quit because of this rule.

I would most likely do that too.


So your saying all you have to do is ask a friend who has a hs acc at least 6mos old to sign in on your iPad and then create a new acc?