15 Days of Code Challange



Remember the 30 Day Drawing Challange? Now we can do it with code! I like art and code but I prefer to code! Ok here it is:


Day 1: Code a triangle
Day 2: Code a fruit or vegetable
Day 3: Code a Crossy Road
Day 4: Code a Treasure diver
Day 5: Code a Game of your Choice
Day 6: Code a Meme
Day 7: Help someone make their drawing pad
Day 8: Code somthing with Sin
Day 9: Code somthing with Cos
Day 10: Code a Website
Day 11: Code a drawing pad
Day 12: Continue coding the drawing pad
Day 13: Continue coding the drawing pad
Day 14: Try Drawing (Trying Somthing new is FUN!)
Day 15: Make a project worth a feature!