15 Character recentering bug. (Read)


I love doing pixel texts, love it. Many of you pixel artists know that you have the ability to make a pixel art with the tiniest pixels. But, there are just too many restrictions with pixel texts.

Sometimes I feel like coding small and detailed pixel texts, but I have to use clones and create other texts because one large pixel text won't fit on the set text section as it recentres itself. When I introduce complex values to this, all of the pixels seem to act weird. Just chaos. It also implies too much lag.

I was thinking of extending the character maximum in the set text type section. For example, only 15 █ of these texts I use can go on a row before it recentred itself in the game. But actually, about 50 can go in one line on the set text section! Could 15 increase to like, 30 or 40. Doing this will save the lives of us pixel texters and we'll have muuuuuch less laggy games, and better games.

And also, I'm still experiencing long loads, lots of lag, and blank white screens when using new drafts (containing self) it's just too laggy. Please fix.

Thank you for reading


Hmmm. Odd. The line thing is annoying, and there's also a line limit. I am experiencing no lag, but ,y projects aren't as well detailed as yours.


Well, if you have a big pixel text to create, it's annoying how it's recentres itself and then you need to create other Se texts showing the other parts. The restriction is too small and annoying.


If we could set the text alignment or padding ourselves, that'd be amazing!


Yeah! I was thinking that too!


@Rawrbear's idea is really good and I think that this would be a great addition to HS! If you are typing small notices and it has too many words, the editor will add some if the text to a new line and I think that THT should think of this.