[14 votes casted] Choose your own adventure game! (Votes needed)


Lately I've started to make CYOA games. But there have been lots of different opinions on what I should make and what I shouldn't make. My hope was to make a zombie based one but others have said its not age appropriate. (I respect those opinions) So I'm hoping I can get a final answer of what I should make. Thanks for reading now post your votes!

  1. Zombie CYOA
  2. Underwater CYOA
  3. Western CYOA
  4. Hunger games CYOA
  5. Star Wars CYOA
  6. Other (please specify)


Post in the comments that you voted so the topic stays at the top :wink:




What do you mean city, it can be interpreted in many different ways. :wink:
EDIT: CYOA = Choose your own adventure


It was random I forgot what CYOA means :D


I chose Western.
Which I think you mean cowboys and all that?


What is CYOA?

backs away from topic

EDIT: Nevermind, I googled it.


Star Wars CYOA


Yup! You got it!


Hunger Games, Zombies, and Western—With all that weapons and non-little-kid-friendly stuff, I don't think they're appropriate for Hopscotch.


Yay! Star Wars. CYOA!


Keep the votes coming in!


@LotsaPizza by the looks of the polls I, going to need your help again! :smile:


Reviving topic...


@Kiwicute2016, @Anonymous, @BuildASnowman, @PopTart0219, could you change the poll to just Hungergames CYOA and underwater CYOA


It doesn't let us edit after the first 5 minutes. I suggest making a new one!


Underwater? I'm all in!