120+ Color Draw Pad?


I would like only one other partner to work on an awesome drawing pad with me. I am currently involved in another collab, but I can still help a ton.


I have already started it, and I would create a collab account to work on it.


@Gilbert189 How many collabs are you doing? XD
And also, I have to drop out of the other collab. Notify me when you need music, cuz that's the only thing I can do!


Can I be your partner?
I made drawing pads before!




I'm pretty skilled at drawing pads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


PopTart0219, you could totally be my partner.


Would you like to be?


Sure, I wouldn't mind. I have abig project that I'm working on (The Aptitude Test) just so ya know.


Okay, that's fine. When would you like to start? Should I publish it, then we can talk about it here? Then you can republish it, and so on.


We could do it anytime :wink: what time zone you in?


Central Time Zone. I'll publish my totally unfinished draw pad.


One thing you should know- The custom colors such as "light" or "dark" are just other versions of the original colors.
For example, the first spot (purple) should also have light purple, dark purple, and neon purple.


You'll have to look at the code, it's hard to explain my thoughts.


Okay I liked the project. I'm in eastern btw


Okay, cool. Are you going to try and start now? You don't have to.


I am working on it. Just so you know, don't use increase value. It will make you only be able to use one color for something basically I'm changing it don't worry :wink:


Okay, but I think that it worked.


I'm not saying that you're wrong, but it seems logical.


Again, thanks for the help!