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You guys... I have been on hopscotch since October 2015, and I've been on the forum since November 2015. I've made many friends, I've earned regular, I got support for my problems, I got people to support me trying to get leader, and I've gotten featured. You guys made it possible. I've been here for...


I've been on for a whole year.

You guys. @everyone helped me!

All of you all are awesome, and one day... I may get a game changer... I may get leader... I may get to go to THT... I may even get to work at THT...

When I first joined HS, I was bored and saw the app on the App Store. I downloaded it, and guess what...

I made a game.

All of you have been there the whole way, and if I do ever get leader, I want all of you to be there when I get it!

Thank you everyone!




Congratulations @Zachyswag


Congratuations! You'll have the Anniversary badge really soon! Gook luck with your adventures!


Gratz you deserve it

you meet THT make sure you ask them if the like bacon xD


Yay! Congrats Zachy!

We should host a party on HAB that day XD


Congrats! Even though I basically only knew you for like a month, you've been great anyhow! Happy anniversary!


I only knew him today xD sorry I don't spree my branches


Happy early cake day! :smile:




But I've know you since you joined...


I feel so tempted to change the title to the correct date...


But it is correct.



This year will be my anniversary


Shall I show the error?
@Zachyswag :joy:


You have...well we should talk more xD


Let's talk now!

How's it goin'?


Amazing I just did 2 pixel arts yesterday xD


Yeah, go ahead...


Done :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I see...


They do things different in america...


Lol you probs knew that