101 topics to read before you leave! NEW

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Please don't tell me to search before I post. The other topic like this was made by me, and isn't in use. I want this to be more active!

Anyway, edit in the best topics that help you understand things, taught you something, or made you laugh.

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Add any topics that were closed for being flame war and off topicness.


if I find any topic added here innoprpriate or if I don't think they belong here, I can and will edit them Out.

So now, I present:




made by @Jess888 helps you to understand who's leaving, who's on a break and there reasons plus u can ask them why they are leaving


I can't edit this. Can you enable that?


Yes! Sorry, I forgot! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It's fixed!


I'll test it.


Please don't edit random things! If you can see the green notepad, obviously editing works... :slight_frown:


I know xD
I'll remove it.
Edit: Removed!


@Jess888, that is a good topic, but I really just want huge, positive, popular topics that have made a huge impact on the forum.
No offense, your topic is a little negative. Should we leave it up or not?


Yes because it is good as that way peeps don't keep posting negative topics all about why there leaving they just put it on one! So it's very helpful only one negative topic on all of the forum wouldn't that be amazing lol


Can I make a 101 topics for starters?


Sure, but please give credit and stuff!



In a rush so I'll edit them on later, just making a list:

The drawing topic

Coding for girls

Say something nice to the Hop above

Talk to a hop

Nominations for Featured, maybe?

Maybe imagination is cool?

I'll think of more later


I found a topic by @TheRainbowChicken on helpful topics for starters so nvm


Also, I made da topic portal so nvm as well