101 Hopscotchers To Follow Before You Leave Hopscotch!



The old topic would've been used, but it's too old for me to edit. Now my goal is to get 101 Hopscotchers that deserve recognition on this left.

Let's Nominate 10 People Each Week!!!

This is a spin off on lists like "101 places to be before you die",
Except hopscotch!
If you want to add people to this list, please list the people here, I will check out their profile and see if they're worthy for this list, because I want this list to host the best of the best, but not insanely popular people
Here are my personal faves!


This Hopscotcher is one of my role models. She has such good art, tied in with AMAZING coding and text art! Definitely check her out!


Sort of a spin off of @SmilingSnowflakes, except has its own twist!
He creates amazing logos and text art, just check out his latest project of the Hopscotch Forum, and your finger will press the follow button instantly!


I am a SUCKER for pixel art!
I can never get it right, and that's why I had to include this wonderful person!


Art is her game changing talent.
Just check out her Adele painting, and you will be requesting her so fast!


This person has AMAZING logo work like MasterMindCreations!
Just check him out and go to the code on his Terraria person and you'll understand how much work he puts into his projects!


Albeit him having a featured project, I just HAD to include him!
He has killer coding skills, and is super helpful!


This profile is made up of two Hopscotchers!
It's not just the logos and the draw pads that impress me, it's just the team work these two hopscotchers have!
Separately, they are known as BeantheBean57 and Phase Admin!


(On Hopscotch she is Renegade Bird)
Awesome art, Awesome PIXEL art!
Check out her stag, along with other amazing pieces of work!
She deserves a LOT more appreciation than she gets!


The brother of RandomOwlsLC, but no less!
He creates masterful games, mind blowing codes, and some cute text art and the occasional song or two!


She is basically FIRE in all categories of coding: clones, trail, values, text art.
Other than being an amazing coder, she has an amazingly awesome personality and is a leader in the forum that doesn't have to change who she is to be a great role model :smile:


Math girl makes more.. Complex and in depth projects
Her games require many clones and values, and that's hard to do even for the most dedicated coder. She manages to take her projects to the next level and also give great leadership to the forum like @intellection74 :D


A great artist, AND a great coder! She has 2-4 Game Changers, many featured projects, and yet she makes splendid art! She's really a good Hopscotcher to visits over and over if you like a balance of that kind of project you need to follow her!
She's also a great friend and nice person on the forum!!

@GysvANDRegulus (Corvus on Hopscotch)

She's a coder a lot of people look up to. She has AMAZING concepts and Sin and Cos abilities. She is a very versatile coder, she can code amazing trail art, and make amazing games that get her featured.


A coder who really adds the artistic aspect of the projects he makes.
You will be inspired by this person's projects and the finesse put into them to look incredible.


A coder who follows the ways of the Trail Art phenomenon.
Focusing mainly on cute and sweet objects, she also can make realistic trail art. Her latest project (in the time this list was updated), "Holding Hands", she uses angles and HSBs to create a realistic portrayal of hands being bent and holding. Outstanding.


Arguably the most well known trail artist, she has started trail blazing phenomenon of cute trail art and symmetrical art etc.
She has inspired many others such as @maltese, @renegadebird1, @randomowlsLC, and many more. She is my personal favorite Hopscotcher and is now a leader on the forum. :D


SmileyAlyssa is a person who is very original in her ideas. She is one of the "Optimisim Leaders" in the forum. She has had 3 features in one month before and has had hundreds of trendings. She is one of the most respected members of the app and the forum.


A very creative coder, maybe most well known for his ground-breaking series, "Astral", where he takes interactive journeys in Hopscotch to the next level. He has amazing coding skills and is a great person on the forum!


I used to struggle with who was the best coder on Hospcotch. COAN, or MagmaPOP. After a long time of thinking, I'd say it's this amazing coder. If you need a project with clones, forget everything and make a collab with this guy. I've seen a lot of great clone work in my Hopscotch days, but he takes it to another level. He has amazing art as well, text art, trail art, he is one of ( if not the) our most well rounded coders out there. He's a nice person on the forum, so if you don't follow him. Please exit out of this and follow him now.


A very happy coder indeed, judging from his personality! He is a Game Changer coder with MANY features. His simulators are incredible! From Squirrelvile to Mantid. They're all extraordinary. And he doesn't stop with the great mechanics, he uses good text art to really kick his game up the next level.


A coder that's been here from the start. (Trust me I've spam liked her up to a project in 2013 I think XD) and she has AMAZING magic powers (I think it's dark magic to be honest), no, but she does have incredible coding skills, she was really the pioneer (if you will) of Sin and Cos. She really spurred the excitement and abilities of the new equation, when most people were scared to even go near it. (I'm still one of those people) She is one of the most well known coders in Hopscotch and if you don't follow her yet then bye. She's one of the oldest leaders/mods on the forum, so if you have a question about the forum or Hopscotch, ask her!


An extremely good coder with awesome text art and sin and cos. A master of values and clones. He has had many features and is now a leader of the forum


If you need a meme, you have to ask this person. He pioneered the interest of channels dedicated to music on Hopscotch, not just a side track for a game. He has created many "memes" (Internet jokes usually with satirical or dry humor) and comics that have got his followers laughing out loud

One of my best friends on the forum, and a leader.


On the forum, she is known as t1
She was the first leader on the forum (that was from the community) and she is so helpful and kind :) Her work has inspired THOUSANDS of hopscotchers. Her most notable work being "2048", a spinoff of a once chart topping game. It is one of the best works added to Game Changers because it contains the professionalism of a real app. She will go out of her way to remix a project and add a heart warming compliment to it. Please follow her immediately!


A great coder and a great artist. She has coded many projects including "The Aptitude Test" based off of the series "Divergent". She has had dozens of Features and continues to improve her work. She is a moderator of the forum and is a very nice person.


In hopscotch his name is BuildASnowman. (With a period at the end)
An amazing coder, in Hopscotch and out of Hopscotch. He has made wonderful music and wacky visuals that look stunning. He has a spilt personality, the other being @DestroyASnowman. He is a proud Moderator of the forum and one of the oldest Mods.

[Criteria to meet this list]
- Personally I say yes to he or she
- I check behavior on forum as well
- Link two amazing projects. If you want to showcase their amazing talent, I suggest doing projects that aren't in the same category (don't list only two piece of art or games, do one art one game)

101 Projects to like before you leave!

If you want to nominate state the Hopscotcher's name and link two of their projects, like I said in the first post ^


I think SmileyAlyssa and SmilingSnowflakes should be up there! They are both positive, very nice and code great projects!

SmileyAlyssa's projects:
Top one: My Holiday Card w/mini games v1.0!
Bottom one: What season are you
They are both great projects, and SmileyAlyssa is a must-follow!
SmilingSnowflakes projects:
Top one: SmileyAlyssa trail art
Bottom one: Happy Mother's Day!
SmilingSnowflakes is a great trail artist!


Thank you so much!



I know he is extremely popular, but he is an amazing coder, can do good trail art, spends time on his coding, which is obviously used well, as you can see by how good it is. He made the Game Changers game: Laser Snake, and has quite a few features too.
Water Vole Trail art: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xy9zkz7al
Easter Sanctuary: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xvw3xm4em
He is also cool on the forum!


They're extremely popular though.
But I'll give a mini shoutout in this reply:
@SmileyAlyssa: You're given a mini shoutout because you're already so popular XD you're projects with trail art and simple yet amazing code really give off a comforting vibe for your projects!! And you're super nice and I can tell you whatever I feel

@Ahappycoder ,you're also extremely popular, so here's a mini shoutout
You're one of the best coders in Hopscotch when it comes to simulators. They always seem so lifelike and the code and art is incredible. Please never stop coding :D


@OrangeScent1, I don't see the issue with putting well known people in this, as long as they deserve it. I mean, it's your choice, but just because they're famous doesn't mean they don't deserve recognition, wether they already have it or not. :D


But the thing is:
It's people who are being asked to be FOLLOWED, if this was a list of GREAT hopscocthers, I'd totally add some of those people.
But since most people follow the well known Hopscotchers, that defeats the whole purpose of the list.
I guess I'll incorporate mini shout outs throughout this topic, but I'd prefer the idea to stay the same like last time since there was no problem with it before on that issue :D


Yeah, but they're still follow worthy, even if tons of people already follow them. :D

But I see your point. :D


Ok, I'll give a shoutout, tell everyone to unfollow that Hopscotcher, then make them follow them again


xD jk
I c ur point too


@Orangescent1 Can one nominate ones self?
I nominate @DMF. I can't do all the inks right now due to technical difficulties, but his

Sine and Cosine Pattern Maker

and his



Ok I'll check him out, Gracias


@OrangeScent1 can you nominate yourself?

not like i would do that...



sure, but please don't feel bad if I don't put you on the list, it's a lot of criteria in my head that I go through :)





Okay... Good to know...


This is a great topic! :D

Some of the people that I was going to offer were already included XD

I think I have some more to offer, though! c:


Tell me Maltese
Tell meh
stares with notebook and pen


Okay xD

There's @smishsmash, @EnchantedAnimallover, @Kawaii_Lover, @KVJ, and many more others :D

I'll get some links to their amazing projects later c:


I also recomend you check out her fruit draw series


Aw, thanks you so much @OrangeScent1!!!! This means a lot to me and it's made me really happy. :D Thank you!!!!!!!!!