100th day on the forum contest!


todays my 95th day on the forum! i will be holding a coding contest! just use creatvity! i will be looking for a judge! projects are due on september 30th!

please edit the prizes you will give below

1st place
many likes and a trail art from @murphy1
A follow from @DA-BEASTY
a customized gif from @Niftynia75
A follow from @SmileyAlyssa, 30 likes, & shoutout
A follow and 15 liked from @Catface4
A follow and 15 likes from @JaggedJeans (Note: my HS username is aquabluelips)
1 like from @TheRealBlah
Follow and respect from @bluedogmc-official
second place
many likes and a trail art from @murphy1
A follow from @SmileyAlyssa, 20 likes
A follow and 10 likes from @Catface4
A follow and 7 likes from @JaggedJeans
3rd place
likes from @Murphy1
10 likes from @SmileyAlyssa
Five likes from @Catface4
5 likes from @JaggedJeans
Likes on 100 projects from @TheRealBlah

@Intellection74 @BuildASnowman @SmilingSnowflakes @Gilbert189 will you help?


I will join!

First reply!

Great idea! It is almost my hundredth day too!


yay! thanks i was worred no one would


wow! a follow from @SmileyAlyssa people! she doesnt even follow me XD


My 100th day already passed ;-;

I would love to help judge and give out more prizes if you need me! :smiley:


would you? XD @SmileyAlyssa


Mine too ;-;


Just asking, how do you give likes from other people as a prize?


They edited it in themselves


Oh, ok. So they are offering it?


I can give out prizes!


Me so greedy. Hehehe.


Yeah they are offering it


Everybody probably wants to get 3rd place. Look at what I have to offer compared to 1st place.


But they get followed by @SmileyAlyssa!!!! Everyone should want that


I can help with some prices!


Will you please help out?


Yes, of course! :slight_smile: No problem.