100th Day For some people!



How can you tell how many days you've been on the forum??


Its in your summery.


Never mind, this is my 101th day!


I just realized that! Yesterday was my 100th day!


Yeah! Awesome! If only I was a day early...


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todays my 157th day i have logged on to the forum! :smiley:


It is possible Noah lived till 900! And maybe you or me could live to 200!


(The amount of days I am on) + (how many accounts I have on the forums) X (today's date (the eight)) — 4) = 100
I am on 100 days...


This is my 216th day on the forum :laughing:


That's true!! People from the bible lived a long time. It's around my 53 day. I'm still not a regular... :frowning:


Come on, it's our 52nd day, and still no Regular! Better go for another Regular badge checkup…


Methuseleh in the Bible was 969 years old! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Also congratulations on your 100th day Hopscotchers!


This is my 77 day!

Off topic connection

Hey! That is my locker number! :stuck_out_tongue:


It's my 147th!
In three days I'll celebrate 150!
You can use this website to find out!
My locker number is 127!! Last year it was... the sum of nine and ten!


I've visited the forum for 99 days, and I've been on the forum for 185! :D

Tomorrow is 100th day I've visited, and in 15 days, my forum account would be 200 days old! :D


This is the 110th day I've visited.


You can also check your summary :wink:


Oh yeah I can :wink:.
But this site is cool anyway!


I checked the website and my summary and I've been on the forum every day since I joined! Yus! XD