100+ Things to Code



no don't worry about it I get confused all the time


Yay, I finished one of the cake ideas! Plus, it was perfect timing because it is my birthday! :smiley: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/yru3qtoek it's not amazing, but is okay LOL


Revive (I would love to see more of your ideas!)


Can someone code a monopoly game? Like really, I have recommend this to many people but no One has done it.


I started.

More than a year ago.


Cool, could you finish it?


Not unless I start over completely.


Would you want to do that?


Not until later. I have about twenty other ideas for before. Three of which are unfinished projects.


20?!? How do you keep your mind straight??? Usual when I code I am working on about one trail art, one game, and one totally weird project.


I normally go into my coding without the slightest idea of what to code. And then I just pick whatever strikes my fancy! Sometimes having lists of things to code is good for when you want to code but just can’t think of anything interesting.


MagmaPOP did a monopoly board a while ago, which turned into a collab:


I might do one of these some day :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually he did it for the collab… I was surprised when he decided to join the collab and very excited as almost all the people I invited joined! (Including MP, PT, and Valgo)
But yeah we never finished it although what we had done was pretty impressive


Wait, I think this topic was inspired by me…I asked you Wynter one day…I need help with ideas! And you made a list…and this topic must Of came out of this list…or not…


Actually never mind…I joined 7 days after you created this…


Revive :slight_smile: