100 Projects To Like Before You Leave


I feel like there is already a topic like this, but I searched and couldn't find one. So, let's get to the point.

What is This For?
I am making a project in hopscotch for this, and I want to see what you guys think are the greatest projects.

How Do I Nominate A Project?
Easy! Just fill out this form! And try to find not so noticed projects, but popular ones will be chosen to.
Project Name:
Creator Name:
Project Link:
Category(see below):

Revolutionary: A true Game Changer. The very first spiral draw, stuff like that.
Value Monster: A Project that uses a lot of values and complicated code.
I'm Addicted: A super addicting game you can't put down.
Trail Art: an awesome trail art.
Pixal Art: An awesome trail art.
Just Wow: Something that takes your breath away.
Other: another category I didn't mention.

The List
The final list of games dun dun dun

A Revolutionary game called Cry-Pad. It is the first IPad coded in hopscotch. It was coded by CryingLaugh. https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/x8coflw4b


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